Mort Goldberg // President, CEO

Mr. Goldberg is a founder and the ultimate connector, bringing more than 30 years of experience in Marketing, Advertising and Sales Promotion to Gamma’s clients and partner strategies. Before starting Gamma Communications, Mr. Goldberg co-founded Top Driver, a nationwide driving school where he was responsible for securing strategic partnerships with General Motors, Met Life, McDonald’s and SADD.  Those relationships enabled his team to raise significant capital and roll out to more than 100 locations, many in regional shopping malls. 

In a prior life, Mr. Goldberg founded MGA (Morton Goldberg Associates, Inc.) a leading Marketing and Sales Promotion Agency. MGA was acquired by Scali McCabe Sloves and became a wholly owned subsidiary of the WPP Group.


Michael Eliran // Vice President, Client Services

For more than a decade, Michael Eliran has played an integral role in Gamma’s success.  Mr. Eliran’s creativity and business instincts have enabled him to be instrumental in the creation and execution of hundreds of marketing campaigns and promotions with some of most notable companies in the world.  Prior to Gamma, Mr. Eliran was an Account Executive at The Eliran Murphy Group, a leading New-York-based Entertainment Advertising Agency.

Michael is a Graduate of the Stern School of Business at NYU.